Founded in 2016, Ground Control Miami (GCM) is a curatorial collective that develops and supports new forms of artistic practice through interventions that pollinate in society. GCM functions as a social conduit in the production and realization of site-specific initiatives that bridge the creative communities of South Florida. These relationships are cultivated with the goal of generating ideas, discourse, and practice.

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When considering the idea of form and function, a conversation arises between objects that exist as façade—inaccessible metonymic references to that which is concrete. ALL THAT IS SOLID exploits this concept to examine both social and economic development and the implications on urban growth as it relates to Miami's creative ecology.

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement, ALL THAT IS SOLID pays homage to this brief yet defining moment in history that succeeded in pollinating disparate relationships between design, architecture, and performance. The exhibition highlights artists who converge at the intersection of form, function, material, and action.

ALL THAT IS SOLID is presented by Miami Design District in collaboration Miami collaborative groups Ground Control Miami and Placeholder.